Latest: June 8, 2016

2016 June 8 - Demology cover
  Lord Impaler offer "Demology" free compilation. A decade worth of music, including all demos plus previously unreleased songs. Available for stream and download at Bandcamp.

Also available as a direct download via MediaFire.

Earlier this year

May 25, 2016
  "Carved by the Winds Eternal" CD co-release from Symbol Of Domination (Belarus) / The Ritual Productions (Netherlands) is OUT NOW. Head to our store to check the details.

April 15, 2016
  "Carved by the Winds Eternal" is now available in cassette tape format by Black Death prod. (PL). Limited to 150 hand-numbered pieces.

April 1, 2016
  The news you've been waiting for: Carved By The Winds Eternal (3-way split) is going to be released April 3rd in digital format, CD & cassette tape will follow...


November 16, 2015
  Our first official videoclip for "Admire The Cosmos Black" track is now live. Watch it on Youtube.

May 8, 2015
  The official videoclip for "Admire The Cosmos Black" from last year's EP "The Serpent Seal" is near completion. We are currently fixing minor details and adding finishing touches. Stay tuned for more.


December 7, 2014
  We have just released a new, anniversary EP named "The Serpent Seal - Το Αρχέγονο Σκότος Επιστρέφει". It is digitally available for stream and purchase on our official Bandcamp page.


July 26, 2013
  The circle is complete and the pit is full of demons! Aenaon recently joined LORD IMPALER as the second guitarist of the band. Full Press Release here .

June 23, 2013
  Babylon Whore is OUT NOW!

June 19, 2013
  We are proud to unleash a new blasphemy unto the world. BABYLON WHORE is planned for release in June 23, 2013 as a digital EP (available through the official Bandcamp page) and as a split-CDR with the elite Hellenic black metal act ATHOS.
Read the full Press Release here .
For more information on Babylon Whore take a look here .

May 20, 2013
  We are excited to introduce another addition to our black legion. Nodens is the new drummer of the band. Full Press Release here .

May 9, 2013
  We recently inked a deal with US based Unmerciful Death Productions for the release and worldwide distribution of our debut album Admire The Cosmos Black in both CD and Vinyl format. This second run will come with new artwork and is expected to land later this year.
For more information visit


August 8, 2012
  The search for a bassist is officially over as Phlegethon, a gifted musician, joined our horde. We are extremely delighted to work with him. Welcome aboard brother! Press Release here .


April 8, 2011
  The song Dreamtime Heresy from our recently released debut got included in the Greek black metal compilation "The Black Syndicate vol.2". You can get it free here. More info here.

March 17, 2011
  Our debut album "Admire The Cosmos Black" is OUT NOW! We are in the process of updating our various online outposts, to provide you with all the details, preview songs, digital options and more, so stay tuned!
  Visit to listen to minute-long samples of the songs. You can also find us on Facebook and

January 21, 2011
  Admire The Cosmos Black is going for mass production. Stay tuned for a release date!

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