Demology, The Decade Of Obscurity

Demology, The Decade Of Obscurity

«On May 13 2016, Lord Impaler stepped on a stage for the first time after 16 years. Our previous gig happened in July 2000. We were working hard all these past months to give the best show we could, and I hope we delivered a memorable performance.

We met and talked to people attending the show who weren’t even born when we started our journey as a band. A journey with ups and downs, with twists and turns. And we wanted them to be able to retrace it, from the first dark days, all the way to making our debut album.

So we prepared this compilation. DEMOLOGY, The Decade of Obscurity contains all of our demos, plus some unreleased songs. We have treated the sound a bit, to make them listenable, to remove some tape hiss, to bring them to the same volume level, but otherwise we fixed nothing else. This is our history and we are proud of it, because each of these songs has had its role into making us what we are today. This collection is FREE for anyone who wants to discover Lord Impaler. We hope you will enjoy it.»

Tragon - Vocals
Lord Nebulah - Guitars
Phlegethon - Bass
Void - Bass
Azaghal - Guitars
John S. - Drums
Pantelis K. - Drums
Nosferatu - Synths
Bathory - Vocals


  1. Intro
  2. Dying
  3. Outro
  4. from "The Lord Impaler" demo, 1999
  5. Non Serviam (* Rotting Christ cover)
  6. Lesbian Show (* Nightfall cover)
  7. Blashyrkh (Mighty Ravendark) (* Immortal cover)
  8. Live @Oxya, 2000
  9. Mournful Dusk
  10. Final Gates
  11. Travel Through Abyss
  12. Eternal Wander Beyond The Unseen
  13. from Twilight Wander promo, 2001
  14. Among Ruins (In The Moonlight)
  15. Antichristian Hordes
  16. The Lord Impaler
  17. Admire The Cosmos Black
  18. from Promo 2005
  19. The Lord Impaler (2006)
  20. Previously unreleased
  21. Homage
  22. Warchant
  23. from Demo 2009

Video samples:

The Lord Impaler (2006).

Homage (Demo 2009).

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