Carved By The Winds Eternal

Carved By The Winds Eternal

From the northwest Greek mountains, old-school blacksters LORD IMPALER (active since the dark 90's), along with the Obscure black metal horde HELL POEMER, join forces with the Athenian Ancient-cult band DIZZINESS.

The result is “Carved by the Winds Eternal”, a 3-way split of pure Hellenic black metal, featuring 6 atmospheric, mesmerizing songs that burn with fiery intensity.

Engineered and recorded by Lord Impaler.
Drums engineered by Thanos Mylonas
Mixed and mastered by Tragon and Lord Nebulah.

Tragon - Vocals
Lord Nebulah - Guitars
Phlegethon - Bass
Aenaon - Guitars
Nodens - Drums


  1. Dizziness - Goddess Of The Moon
  2. Dizziness - Άρπυιες
  3. Lord Impaler - A Fire That Burns
  4. Lord Impaler - Call From The Grave (* Bathory cover)
  5. Hell Poemer - The Sacral Knot Of Hierophant
  6. Hell Poemer - My Dreams Will Stay Frozen On The Mountains

Video samples:

Teaser video.

A Fire That Burns (Lord Impaler).


"For fans of melodic black metal that includes memorable melodies without sacrificing savagery, this split is an excellent find."

No Clean Singing

"Carved By The Winds Eternal is one of the most successful split of recent times."

Metaleyes [8/10]

"A small jewel in the underground of the crowded Black Metal genre..."

Sturmglanz [6/6]

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