Admire The Cosmos Black

Admire The Cosmos Black
Full-length Album

"Admire the Cosmos Black" is a journey in the world of creative shadows. Everything man has made is imperfect, and in its dark side another man plans the destruction of what is and the creation of what should be. Needless to say this is an endless circle, the eternal motivator of every creative soul, the one true power of regeneration in our universe.

We plunge into darkness only to rise again stronger, and every time we rise another one will be cast in the shadows, waiting, plotting our fall. It is the Ouroboros, the tail-eating worm. We are all a part of him...

Admire The Cosmos Black was mixed and mastered by Knut M. Valle and Lord Impaler at Mølla Lydstudio, Gjerstad, Norway in February 2010.

Tragon - Vocals
Lord Nebulah - Guitars
Void - Bass
Drums performed by Hellhammer


  1. Twelve Thrones Eternal
  2. Celebrating the Elder Spirits
  3. Antichristian Hordes
  4. Homage
  5. Void
  6. The Lord Impaler
  7. Prometheus
  8. Warchant
  9. Hymn to the Nymphe *
  10. Dreamtime Heresy
  11. * tribute to Daemonia Nymphe

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"... a diamond in the Greek black metal scene."

Rock Overdose

"... a riveting listening experience from start to finish."

No Clean Singing

"This album kicks ass."

The End records

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